About Me

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Say hello to Heledd…

Hello, there!

Delighted that you found me. As is fairly obvious by now, I’m Heledd. I’m from Bala in Snowdonia, North Wales. It’s a stunning part of the world (though I may be a little biased, of course) made up of gorgeous, craggy mountain ranges and sweeping Welsh valley views. The air is crisp and the lakes are clear and skies are endless. It’s pretty inspiring.

Which might explain why I became a photographer. I’m big on hiking and spend a lot of time outside checking out the scenery and experimenting with light in the mountains. It’s an excellent trial-and-error way to teach yourself all about what works and what doesn’t. I adore photographs: little printed snippets of memory that you can keep forever. There’s something magic about that.

The other part of my job that gives me all the goosebumps is the travel. I love thinking of the world as my studio, and that there really are no limits to where my work will take me. With experience in shooting projects in Italy, Sweden and other European countries, your destination wedding is safe in my hands.

I want to hear your story. Tell me all about it, I’m all ears. Where did you meet? How did you find one another? Was it love at first sight? Was it cute? Romantic? Embarrassing?! It’s a real honour to be asked to tell a couples’ story for them, and I just love hearing about the journey that brings you to my door (or my inbox, more accurately). It’s got to be one of the best things about being a photographer - that and not having to sit at a desk too often.

Other than that, I have a cat called Sgwij (pronounced “Squidge”) and am an excellent drinking buddy. I do like a drop of small batch gin from time to time.