All For Love Photoshoot in London

Recently, I’ve been seeking projects and photoshoots a bit further afield, and so when the opportunity to go down to London on a photoshoot for a florist came along, I jumped straight at it.

Expecting to arrive in Notting Hill and photograph some bouquets, I was hugely mistaken. I arrived at St. John’s Church and was greeted by a huge, beautiful floral archway. I knew then that All For Love’s floristry was more than just flower arranging, but creating pieces of gorgeous art.

I loved spending the day with Ruth, her team of very talented florists and Mark the videographer, capturing floral architecture over three wonderful locations in London – Notting Hill, Holland Park and Chiswick House, Kensington.

I wanted to capture the florals in a delicate and beautiful, bright and airy style. There was so much white and green, I wanted to keep the organic beauty intact and incorporate the three wonderful locations into the photos. I especially enjoyed the installations in the Orangery in Holland Park, the clean white space was perfect and the gorgeous tumbling flowers on the Greek statues were breathtaking.

You can see more of All For Love London’s work here.

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