Aled & Eleri’s Aberystwyth Engagement

One of my all time favourite places is Aberystwyth, down on Cardigan Bay. One; it’s a charming town year round, two; it has Constitution Hill, a big rock with a funicular railway that leads right to the top where there you’ll find the world’s biggest Camera Obscura (optics geek here!) and three; it has a wonderful seafront overlooking the Irish sea, complete with Victorian Pier.

Aled and Eleri met at the famous Aberystwyth University, and so it was fitting that we shot their engagement shoot in the town. This place has such history, with the castle being a base for both the Welsh and English in historic battles, old markets, and the National Library of Wales. Aled loves history too, so even more perfect!

Eleri and Aled’s fun outlook on life is so infectious and I had a great time recording their personalities. It’s so special to see two people who are just so comfortable in each others company and you can tell without words that these two really are in love.

I can’t wait for this wedding in December and I’m crossing my fingers for crisp, frosty weather!

Fun fact: See Eleri and Aled ‘kicking the bar’ below? It’s a tradition that goes back to the 1800’s where it’s customary to ‘kick the bar’ when you get to the end of the promenade, although the origins are unclear. Next time you’re in Aberystwyth, be sure to do so!

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